Is it POZIBLE to get published? :p

Is it POZIBLE to get published? :p

Many of you have already heard that I’m running a Pozible campaign to raise the funds needed to get my book edited and printed. There are now only 9 days left for me to reach my target amount! Scary…

For those unaware, Pozible is a crowdfunding website. You can run a campaign for your creative project, aiming to raise a certain amount within a certain time frame. People ‘pledge’ to your campaign and select a reward based on how much they pledged. It’s called a ‘pledge’ rather than a ‘donation’ because no one’s money is actually taken until the end of the campaign, and ONLY if the campaign reaches its target. So if you don’t reach your target amount within the time frame, everything gets cancelled. No one gets charged, no one gets their chosen rewards, and you don’t get any money at the end of it.

I’m aiming to raise enough money to 1) pay for professional editing for my book, 2) print at least 100 copies to sell privately and give away (some as Pozible rewards), and 3) set up my own website with my own domain name, and pay for some online advertising.

But I’m not there yet! 9 days to go and I’m still a ways from my target. So I’m asking my readers: please, if you like my writing and would like to see Quest for Revenge in print, jump over to my campaign and pledge! The great thing is that you’re not giving something with nothing in return. You’ll see that there are plenty of rewards to choose from, and if my campaign is successful I’ll make sure they are distributed as soon as possible.

If I’m not successful? Well, I’m still going to try to get published, but I don’t know how long it’ll take. I don’t really have much in the way of disposable income right now, so it’ll take me a while to save up enough for the editing costs. And there’ll be no website, no print copies, and probably no book launch (which isn’t part of the campaign, but I was going to hold one if it was successful). Which is a little sad.

So head over and take a look, and if you have family or friends who are interested in fantasy and new authors, please pass on the information to them! I will be eternally grateful.


Regular blogging returning soon: My journey into publishing


Quest for Revenge: Unseen Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from an early draft of Quest for Revenge that never made it into my final draft. It gives a bit of an insight into Melina’s character and her life in the palace before she begins her adventure.


Fingers sheathed in soft black leather gripped the grey stone window ledge. With a soft grunt of exertion a figure clad all in black scrambled through the window. The intruder’s sudden appearance elicited a squeak of surprise from a middle aged maid.

The maid jammed her fists onto her ample hips and faced the intruder with a huff of annoyance. “What is the meaning of this, child? Have you never heard of using a door?”

The intruder casually pulled off the leather gloves and tossed them on the four poster bed. “Never mind, Lanarra, forget it even happened.”

“How am I supposed to forget it?” Lanarra demanded angrily. “Your father will hear about this, Your Highness, mark my words.”

Princess Melina dropped her riding cloak on the floor of her bedchamber. “You wouldn’t dare.”

She glared at her maid. Lanarra glared back, unabashed. Then she sighed in frustration, and went around the room picking up items of clothing as the princess dropped them.

“What was it this time?” Lanarra asked grudgingly and Melina knew she had won. “A troll? A griffin?”

Melina scoffed. “Griffins aren’t evil, and they don’t attack humans, Lanarra. They’re very gentle really.”

“Well, they give me the willies,” Lanarra grumbled. “Look, you’ve got blood on your shirt! Do you know long this will take to get out?”

“No. But it’s a good thing you do. And it was an ogre.” Melina yawned widely and glanced out the window, where the sun could be seen peeking over the horizon. “Now excuse me, Lanarra, but I need to go to bed. It’s almost dawn.”

Lanarra humphed again. “It is dawn, and for most people it’s time to get up!”

“I’m not most people, am I?”

“Thank Erius for that.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, Your Highness. Don’t forget you’re expected to be at lunch today. Your father has guests.”

Melina grunted and collapsed onto the bed, sighing at the feel of the silken sheets on her skin.

“Did you hear me?” Lanarra demanded.

The princess had heard her perfectly clearly, but pretended to be asleep. The maid left the room, muttering under her breath and making a point of making as much noise as possible.

Quest for Revenge: excerpt 1

Here’s a short excerpt from my first book, “Quest for Revenge.” If my Pozible campaign is successful, the ebook will be available in July/August. Enjoy!

Melina lunged to the side to dodge a dagger thrown at her. The sudden movement put her off balance and she slid sideways in the saddle. She scrambled for a hold. If she could get a good grip on the pommel she would be able to pull herself back up. She clutched for it, her fingers brushing the pommel, but she couldn’t get her hand around it.
A harsh laugh came from somewhere nearby but out of her line of vision. She surveyed her awkward position, and knew she wouldn’t be able to climb back into the saddle. She released a long breath and let go. She tumbled to the ground and rolled to her feet, drawing her sword in one quick movement. She dodged again as another dagger was thrust at her. This time she kept her footing, free from the need to keep her balance in the saddle. She swiftly brought the hilt of her sword down, intending to connect with the back of the man’s neck, but a large sweaty hand grasped her wrist in an iron grip. Her foot automatically swung out and connected with his shin. He cursed and let her go, stumbling forward. Taking advantage of the momentum, she slashed her sword across his thigh and he fell groaning to the ground.
She pulled a dagger from her right boot, holding both it and her sword at the ready. Her gaze darted around, taking in the scene. The stranger was duelling fiercely with the two remaining men, who each had a sword in one hand and a knife in the other. The stranger seemed to be holding his own but was favouring his left leg slightly, and his pant leg had a growing dark stain near the knee. Melina swiftly moved behind the smaller of the two men and used a quick manoeuvre she had learned from a guest of her father’s from the East. The sword flew out of the man’s hand with a clatter. The man cried out in pain, held his dislocated fingers close to his body, and ran out of the conflict. At that point she saw the stranger’s face.
“You!” she gasped.