Really Useful Links For Self Publishers

If you’re jumping into the self-publishing game, you’ve probably spent hour upon hour trawling the internet for information (when you perhaps should have been writing instead). I know I have! So I thought I’d give you some links to some great articles for writers who are looking to self-publish.

Self-Publishing a Book: 25 Things You Need To Know – This is a good overview, although I’m not sure I agree with all of his points.

A Few Random Notes on Self Publishing – This is a great blog post on what to expect when you self publish and what to be prepared for.

A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing – This guest post by Sabrina Chase looks at traditional versus indie publishing, based on her own experiences. There are lots of other interesting posts on this blog too.

The Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors – I know that sounds rather negative, but she puts a positive spin onto it (ie how to avoid said mistakes).

Fantasy Authors Facebook Group – This is an open group that seems to be mostly made up of indie and unpublished writers. We give feedback to each other and discuss things relevant to the Fantasy genre. I’m sure there are other groups for writers of other genres as well.

If you’re self-published, or looking into self-publishing, have you found any invaluable resources? Share them in the comments below!


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