My bookmarks from

My bookmarks from

Some of my rewards from my Pozible campaign for “Quest for Revenge” included bookmarks. After a great deal of Internet research I settled on to print them. And by jingos, I am so stoked with how they’ve turned out! Not having done this before, I studied their incredibly detailed FAQ before placing my order, and double and triple checked that my artwork fitted their specifications (I’m pretty anal that way). They have a free artwork checking service that you can upload your image to and they’ll tell you if there will be any problems when they print it. I was so happy to get an email back within 12 hours saying my artwork was fine, so I sent it off, and my bookmarks arrives within 4 business days. The quality exceeded my expectations (as it was quite cheap), and I can’t wait for my Pozible supporters to get theirs. I will definitely be using ReadySteadyPrint again!


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