Quest for Revenge: excerpt 1

Here’s a short excerpt from my first book, “Quest for Revenge.” If my Pozible campaign is successful, the ebook will be available in July/August. Enjoy!

Melina lunged to the side to dodge a dagger thrown at her. The sudden movement put her off balance and she slid sideways in the saddle. She scrambled for a hold. If she could get a good grip on the pommel she would be able to pull herself back up. She clutched for it, her fingers brushing the pommel, but she couldn’t get her hand around it.
A harsh laugh came from somewhere nearby but out of her line of vision. She surveyed her awkward position, and knew she wouldn’t be able to climb back into the saddle. She released a long breath and let go. She tumbled to the ground and rolled to her feet, drawing her sword in one quick movement. She dodged again as another dagger was thrust at her. This time she kept her footing, free from the need to keep her balance in the saddle. She swiftly brought the hilt of her sword down, intending to connect with the back of the man’s neck, but a large sweaty hand grasped her wrist in an iron grip. Her foot automatically swung out and connected with his shin. He cursed and let her go, stumbling forward. Taking advantage of the momentum, she slashed her sword across his thigh and he fell groaning to the ground.
She pulled a dagger from her right boot, holding both it and her sword at the ready. Her gaze darted around, taking in the scene. The stranger was duelling fiercely with the two remaining men, who each had a sword in one hand and a knife in the other. The stranger seemed to be holding his own but was favouring his left leg slightly, and his pant leg had a growing dark stain near the knee. Melina swiftly moved behind the smaller of the two men and used a quick manoeuvre she had learned from a guest of her father’s from the East. The sword flew out of the man’s hand with a clatter. The man cried out in pain, held his dislocated fingers close to his body, and ran out of the conflict. At that point she saw the stranger’s face.
“You!” she gasped.


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